Zisoo has a wide range in variety of clients and projects realized. From start-up to corporate to government. We prefer to have the projects themselves speak for us, since this is where we and our clients gain our pride and satisfaction from!

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Implementatie | hosting

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Ruby on Rails development

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Ruby on Rails development

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Ruby on Rails development | Hosting

Our products

Zisoo | Docs

Zisoo Docs is a light document management system. A way to manage and share documents safely. Users can easily look at and, with the correct level of approval, change documents appointed to them via two factor authentication (2FA).

Zisoo | Time

Zisoo Time has been developed by Zisoo. It is a way to register internally hours spent, e.g. per project. With this system, it is easy to register and follow the hours spent of every one of whom this is required. It is the system we work with ourselves. Furthermore, it is always transparent and providing insight to clients about the actual hours spent. This way, there are no surprises afterwards.

Zisoo | CMS

Zisoo is working on developing its own content management system. This way, we can assist clients with a (relatively) simple web application or website fast and cost efficient. An extra advantage is that it allows us to easily develop specific additional features.

Zisoo | Drive

Via Zisoo Drive, it is possible to share documents with the utmost confidence that no (external and undesired) parties will have access. When you log in, your identity will be verified. This way, you are certain that your documents will reach the correct person, and that person only. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to verify when a document (e.g. a contract) exists at the date registered. This can provide you with the proof in case of litigation, e.g. in case of a deed under private seal.

Zisoo | Quiz

Zisoo Quizscore is the first online learning platform that is fully adaptable to your own branding. Both the coach part as the app itself are fully adjustable. Zisoo has developed the platform and the app specifically for companies. Whether you want to start a live quiz in a large audience, or having the participant answer questions from home, it is all possible with Quizscore. The participant will also see directly the own scoring compared to that of teammates. Quizscore makes learning fun (and easy) again!

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Whatever the background of your company, we can help with whatever technical challenges you face. We have a broad variety of services and knowledge available. We furthermore love to invest in the future of your organization, just as much as we care about our future.